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Software Demos and Trial Versions

Some of my favorite software programs provide Trial Demos which can be downloaded. I use these programs to create all of the Graphics for Candie's Peppermint Graphics. Take a look and try them out.

Do You Love the Affects of Java, but know nothing about Programming it? Here's a Program (VERY INEXPENSIVE) that does the hard work for you and lets you create those Cool ANIMATED Buttons.(You know, the ones that change when you run your mouse over them.)Don't Pass This One Up!!!!!!!!

Try out PaintShop Pro's free demo. You're guaranteed to LOVE it!!
It's the next best thing to Adobe PhotoShop and it's much cheaper!

Try out Gif Construction Set's free demo. You'll be making your own
animated gifs in no time at all! And it too, is inexpensive should you decide to purchase
it after your trial is over.

Try out LiveImage Now's free demo. It's an image mapmakers dream come true. And a great source of relief for us inexperienced want-ta-be's! It is also an inexpensive program, should you decide that it's a keeper, as I did!

Visit for Photoshop Products...Free Trial Demos. But, let's hope money's no object though, because this one is expensive should you decide to purchase it. But it's the best on the market right now. So, give it a try!!!

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