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3D Text Tutorial
Paint Shop Pro Tutorial
By Candie Witherspoon

1. Open a New File. Colors=16 million; width=200 height=100 pixels; Background=white. Add text (using a brighter color than you want the end result). Use a bold face text font (wide).
2. Choose Selections > Save (so that we can use it again later). Now, with text still selected, choose a background color that is just a little darker than the text color you used above. But still in the same color scheme. Swap the colors so that the background color comes to the front and the foreground color goes to the back. (Click on the arrows as shown in the sample.)
3. Choose Image > Special Effects > Cut-Out. Options: Fill interior with Color. Interior Color=Foreground Color. Shadow Color=Background Color. Opacity=225. Blur=20. Vertical and Horizontal Offset=3. Click OK. This should add a shading effect to the text.
4. Now we'll add the 3D effect. If your text is still selected [Marching Ants (dotted line)], GREAT! If not, don't cry. Choose Selections on the Menu Bar above and load the Selection that you saved in step 2.
5. Choose Image > Special Effects > Add Drop Shadow. Now in the dialogue box, make the following specifications: Color=Foreground Color; Opacity=25; Blur=1; Vertical and Horizontal Offset=2; Click OK. And you should have 3D Text that looks something like mine!!!

Download this TUTORIAL PDF file in ZIP form, to view offline with Adobe Acrobat Reader

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