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Paint Shop Pro Tutorial
By Candie Witherspoon

1. Select the text you'd like to use. Make sure your background color is set at WHITE. I used color R=200, G=26, B=157 for a pinkish toothpaste appearance. I used "Brush 455 BT" text.

2. Type the word or text, then, with text still selected, go up to Selections--Modify--Feather with a value of 5.

3. Remember that it is important to keep your text selected through this entire exercise. Go over to Edit--Clear. (You should now see only a faint pink line.)

4. Go to Image--Special Effects--Hot Wax. Then repeat step #3.

5. Repeat step #4 again.

6. Repeat step #4 again, but DO NOT Edit--Clear, this time.

7. Now go to Image--Special Effects--Cut Out, with settings as: Blur=4, Vertical= 7, Horizontal= -7, Fill Interior with Color Checked. Click OK.

8. With Text still selected, go to the background color box and double click and select the dark gray tone of the color pallett.

9. Now go to Image--Special Effects--Drop Shadow, with settings at Color= Background, Opacity= 255, Blur= 8, Vertical= 1, Horizontal= -3. (You may want to play with the shadow until you get one you like, BUT DO NOT unselect the text, simply hit the undo key and try another stab at the settings. The tutorial title above was done without a drop shadow!)

10. If you like the layered look, as seen in my Heading on the first page, simply add the same text in the original selected color aligned to your liking, on top of the toothpaste text.

That's it! My Toothpaste Text. If you have any questions or comments, please let me know.

Download this TUTORIAL PDF file in ZIP form, to view offline with Adobe Acrobat Reader


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