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Photo Enhancing Drop Shadow
Adobe Photoshop Tutorial
By Candie Witherspoon
1. Open your Original file, then Open a New File. (Choose File> New) Set dimensions to be a little larger than the image you plan to put a drop shadow behind. Define Resolution 72, and choose RGB colors. Background White. The image I wish to add a drop shadow to is width=137 height=200. So, I opened a New File with a width=200 and height=300. You should now have your original and a blank file open. If you donít have your original open too, open it now.
2. Now with the Original Image active, click on the Move tool, (thatís the one with the little arrow and the small cross on the tool bar). Now this is so simple, With your mouse, click and drag the original image onto the black image. And it will automatically copy and paste it on a new layer for you.
3. Now, follow closely. With the new layer selected (highlighted blue), click on the Magic Wand on the tool bar, and click the white part surrounding the new image. (This should put two different Selections around the image. One around the white portion and one around the photo. Now, from the menu bar, above, Choose Select > Inverse. This should select only the Photo now.
4. Now go back to the Layers pad, and Create a New Layer (click on the little button on the bottom that looks like a piece of paper with the left bottom corner turned up). Now, with your mouse click on the New Layer 2 and Drag it down below Layer 1. (It should now be between the Background Layer and Layer 1.)
5. Now, go to your Color Palette and use your Grayscale slider and move it to about 80%. Go to your tool bar on the left, and Click on the Paint Bucket. Click on your New Image and it should fill Layer 2 with 80% gray. Choose Select > None from the Menu bar above.
6. Click on the Move Tool (little arrow with cross) and Click and Drag , down and to the right, just enough so that you can now see the Gray background. Now go to the Menu Bar above and Choose Filters > Blur > Gaussian Blur. Move the slider in the Pop Up Menu to about 2.7 or 3.0, or just play with it until you get the effect you are looking for. Click OK. You can now move that layer around with your Move Tool until you are comfortable with the look of the Drop Shadow.
7. Now, Click on the Marquee Tool (The square dotted line one.) And Click on the image and drag it around it till you get the image the size you want it. (Donít cut through the Drop Shadow!) Then Choose Image > Crop (This will cut the excess canvas off of the image and leave only the part that was inside the Selection Box.) If you mess up, Choose Edit > Undo Crop, and try again. (Photoshop 4 only allows for the last move to be undone.)
8. You are now the Proud Creator of a Photo Enhancing Drop Shadow!!!! Congratulations!!! Youíre on your way to becoming a Real Pro!

Download this TUTORIAL PDF file in ZIP form, to view offline with Adobe Acrobat Reader


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